Happenings in August

39379572_264452214392738_3060284758131998720_n.jpgHello everyone! My name is Lucas Carmichael-Tanaka, I’m an intern at PCV, and I'll be a temporary contributor to the PCV blog.


In describing the events of this past month, I would have to use the word hectic. By itself, August is already perhaps one of the busiest times of year - with a plethora of events, memorials, conferences, and meetings around the anniversary of the atomic bomb’s fall. A few examples include prime seats at the national memorial service, and taking part in the Oleander Initiative: a program bringing teachers from the Middle East all the way to Hiroshima. 40414523_500392967106976_3437496046224146432_n.jpg

Adding to the mercurial schedule, around mid-August PCV also gained 3 new staff members! Unfortunately flight delays and the visa process thwarted attempts to arrive sooner. But now Matt Thome, Sage Panter, and Connor Morton are all here at last! They will be respectively be taking charge of English, administration, and Village facilities. To learn more about our new staff, please see our Meet the Villagers page.

38930333_337415480330063_4168014608260399104_n_(1).jpgTo “celebrate” the occasion, we’ve held a staff retreat in Hiroshima, along with Hiroshima-based staff and partners. Our goal there was to come up with a concrete and sustainable path forward for Peace Culture Village. Although there are still a fair few things up in the air, we look forward to tying up loose ends in the coming weeks.


Until next time then


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