Moravian College

From May 21 through 23, Peace Culture Village staff aided 8 students and 4 faculty members from Moravian College as they held their May term study abroad seminar entitled "Japan: Legacies of WWII". 

The students, who are a mixture of grades and majors, came to Hiroshima to visit important historical and cultural sites, learn about diverse Japanese perspectives about peace and war, and experience aspects of Japanese cuisine, history, entertainment, art, religion and culture. They aimed to explore the continuing legacy of WWII, expose themselves to history and urgent contemporary questions regarding nuclear weapons, and meet with various individuals and groups who were involved in creative efforts to build peace cultures in Japan and in the world. 

While in Hiroshima, they spent time visiting and reflecting on the Hiroshima Memorial Peace Museum and Park, were guided on a tour of a-bombed trees by members of nonprofit ANT-Hiroshima, and visited a seaside town called Onomichi, where they completed the Great Temple Walk.

PCV was honored to have been involved in the planning and implementation of this great seminar. Other Hiroshima staples like the World Friendship Center, and vegetarian friendly restaurants like Hachidorisha and Kissa Saeki kindly hosted us. 

Upon returning back to America, the students will apply what they learned to their respective subjects of study and will continue their reflection and learning through essays and presentations. We look forward to seeing what they produce! 

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