Our Mountains


IMG_5565.jpgPeace Culture Village is located in a valley between small, steep mountains. These mountains are our source of firewood and building materials, and we are learning how to take care of them.


In the past, they have been planted with cedar as cash crop, but we will be gradually transitioning them back to diverse, healthy environments for animals, birds, insects, mushrooms and beneficial bacteria. Several times each year, local experts visit PCV to help us decide which trees to cut, which trees to plant, how to care for the trees, how to prevent erosion and how to take what we need without damaging the system. 


In addition, we enjoy the mountains by hiking on the trails, exploring the bamboo groves, and walking along the creek. The mountains are home to wild boar, tanuki, weasels, foxes, and the enchanting nightingale. They are vital to our wellbeing and fun to explore.





A tour of the mountains with Mary!: 

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