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Pizza Oven

Last month, Ryo finished work on the pizza oven, and it made its debut at our NPO Celebration Party. This week, Ryo and Bei's friends from Tokyo visited to help on the farm. We gave the pizza oven another go, this time cooking 4 different kinds of pizza's: tomato sauce, bacon and sausage; yellow sauce and bamboo shoots; shirasu (tiny translucent fish), and a sweet pizza with peanuts, chocolate, and marshmallow!


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I Am Stove @ PCV

IMG_1120.jpgLast week, a group of Japanese wood-burning stove enthusiasts met at Peace Culture Village to discuss the 2017 "I Am Stove" conference. This yearly conference is a chance for people in the Hiroshima area to show off their handmade, wood-burning stoves. Aside from stove displays, conventions past have also featured cooking demonstrations using organic ingredients, booths, lectures, workshops, and musical performances. Wood-burning stove fans and families alike enjoy the “I Am Stove” convention each year.IMG_1121.jpg

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PCV Celebrates New NPO Status

On March 15, Peace Culture Village received its NPO certification. We are now officially open for business! 

I remember when I first moved to Konu half a year ago being struck by the warmth and hospitality of the local community. There are times when anonymous neighbors leave vegetables, fresh from their farms, in our genkan. Other times, veteran local farmers stop by to advise us or just to chat. Generous with their resources, their feedback and their time, people in Konu have been at the heart of making the PCV vision a reality. Without input and contributions from these countless friends and benefactors, we wouldn't be where we are today. Launching PCV has truly been a community effort. 

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