PCV Hangouts Begin in Konu!

IMG_2892.JPGLast week, PCV staff hosted a setsumeikai (explanatory meeting) for our upcoming community-based program, “PCV Hangouts,” which blends English conversation class with international exchange party. Composing of two one-hour blocks, the class begins with a somewhat formal lesson or review, before matriculating into loose “free conversation” in English and Japanese. The idea is to provide an open space for local residents to be able to practice their English (but also feel comfortable speaking Japanese—which is a chance for the staff to practice their own Japanese after all), and well, hang out.


It’s our hope that PCV Hangouts will allow us to integrate more with the community in Konu and Joge, and potentially make newfriends. That’s why the cost of attending is only an encouraged donation (to cover class expenses). Moving forward, we envision PCV Hangouts as a place for local residents to stop by, whenever they want, and feel free to discuss the topics from day’s weather or global politics.

In other news, the intern recently finished painting a dragon on the floor of the hallway. The development came about after re-painting the floor, and realizing that brown apparently dries orange. This, would not do. Thus, the executive decision was made to paint something over it — a task delegated to the intern (myself). And so, the hallway dragon was born.

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