Peace Camps


DSC_1597.jpg   thumb_IMG_5360_1024.jpg    Here at Peace Culture Village, we work together to learn peace in a concrete, hands-on way. We create customized Peace Camps for groups looking to explore themes such as peace culture, conflict resolution, sustainable living, team-building, war and peace, international exchange, and more! 

Peace Camps are generally closed events planned specifically for a partnering school, organization, company, or group of individuals. We craft camps from 2 days to 2 weeks for all ages and to suit all budgets. Final camp schedules and budgets are created in partnership with the designated contact person for the group requesting the camp. 

If you are interested in a custom-made Peace Camp, please contact us at [email protected] or at 050-5535-0895! We look forward to hearing from you. 

Sample Peace Camp Itineraries

Peace Camps can be anywhere from day-long to month-long experiences. You can find some sample Peace Camp schedules below.

Two Day Peace Camp
Target audience: Adults
Themes: Peace Culture and Agriculture

  Saturday Sunday

- Arrival
- PCV Tour & Orientation
- Introduction to Peace Culture 

- Morning mediation
- Farm work
- Group presentations 

- Tour of Jimmy Carter Center
- Group work 

- Tour of Joge and cultural activities

- Music night at Okinaza Kabuki Theatre

- Debrief
- Closing ceremony and departure












Three Day Peace Camp
Target audience: Children
Themes: Peace Culture and English Immersion

  Friday Saturday Sunday

- Arrival
- PCV Orientation & Tour

- Morning English class
- Depart for Ikeda Ranch
- Morning English class
- Nature scavenger hunt

- Paint peace rocks for PCV garden
- Dodgeball

- Make butter
- Play games
- Feed cows
- Return to PCV
- Mud volleyball game in a rice paddy

- Campfire and music night

- Craft - Group photo and goodbyes
- Departure











Two Week Peace Camp
Target audience: High school students
Themes: Peace Culture: Others, Nature, and Self

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

- Self introductions
- PCV Orientation
- Introduce video project

- Morning meditation (always optional)
- Farm work
- Hiroshima and the Bomb discussion

- Take bus to Hiroshima City
- Tour of Peace Museum and Peace Park
- Morning meditation
- Farm work
- Tour of Carter Center
- Peace culture discussion
- Morning meditation
- Farm work
- Positive Peace training

- Morning meditation
- Farm work
- Week 1 debrief
- Small group work on video project

Afternoon - Students arrive at Hiroshima Airport - PCV Tour
- Discussion of camp goals and groundrules
- Barefoot Gen screening - Bomb survivor testimony and debrief - Mount Kobayama hike - Positive Peace training - Teambuilding

- Welcome dinner


- Free time - Pizza party - Return to PCV - Campfire dinner and music - Free time - Volleyball
  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Morning - Morning meditation
- Free time
- Morning meditation
- Farm work
- Tour of Ibaraki Farm

- Morning meditation
- Drive to Kyoseian Retreat Center
- Tour of Kyoseian

- Morning meditation
- Farm work
- PCV organic farming philosophy discussion
- Morning meditation
- Farm work
- Susa Shrine visit
- Morning meditation
- Work on video project
- Goodbyes and departure
Afternoon - Video scavenger hunt in nature - Work at Ibaraki Farm - Conflict resolution training - Gateball with locals - Shoganji Temple visit and Zen training - Final video project presentation
- Week 2 debrief
Evening - Bill Mollison videos
- One Straw Revolution
- Permaculture & the environment discussion
- Free time - Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind screening and conflict resolution discussion - Agriculture debrief
- Inner peace orientation
- Onsen - Tour of Joge Town
- Closing ceremony at Okinaza Kabuki Theatre

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