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Support PCV

$16,836.00 raised
GOAL: $85,000.00

Thank you for visiting our Support PCV page! Please consider supporting us by (1) donating or (2) becoming a member.

(1) Donating

Peace Culture Village greatly appreciates any and all donations. To donate, you can:

  1. Fill out the information to the left of this text and pay using a credit card or bank account. We use PayPal's secure servers to process our donations.
  2. Send a check to PEAC Institute, our American partner, at: 
    PEAC Institue c/o Rebecca Irby
    73 Grove Street
    Montclair NJ, 07042

(2) Becoming a member

Peace Culture Village is still a young nonprofit. Members enable us to continue working towards personal, society, and global positive peace. Without members' yearly donations, we would not be able to bring people together from all over the world to explore and create alternatives to our war culture society. We need and greatly appreciate people who support us by becoming members, not only because their donations are a crucial source of income, but also because our they provide vital feedback on the direction we are going as an organization. Please consider becoming a member, today, by filling out our PCV Membership Form.

PCV Membership Form

In order to become a PCV Member, you must first fill out our PCV Membership Form, which can be found here

Membership Types

When registering to become a member, you may choose to do so as an individual or an organization, as a Voting Member or a Supporting Member. We detail the differences below:

Category 1 Category 2 Registration Fee Yearly Donation
Voting Member Individual $20 $100
Group $20 $200
Supporting Member Individual $20 $50
Group $20 $150

You can find more about the details and benefits of each membership by viewing our PCV Membership Form here.

[Category 1: Individual membership vs. Group membership]
Individual - Registering for only yourself
Group - Registering on behalf of a corporation, organization, or a group of three or more

[Category 2: Voting Member vs. Supporting Member]
Voting Member 

  • Participate in our general meeting every March and help determine the basic directions and policies of our organization 
  • Receive the book Switch on, Imagination. Now!, an inventive and cheerful artistic exploration of the problem of nuclear weapons, published by Project Now
  • Receive bimonthly newsletter with updates on PCV's work

Supporting Member 

  • Receive bimonthly newsletter with updates on PCV's work

Payment Methods

You can pay for your membership by check or online.

If you choose to pay by check, please send your payment directly to our American nonprofit partners, PEAC Institute, at the address below:
PEAC Institute c/o Rebecca Irby
73 Grove St.
Montclair NJ 07043

To pay online, please fill out the information on the left-hand side of this page and pay using a credit card or bank account. We use PayPal's secure servers to process our membership payments. 

We sincerely appreciate your generous support. Thank you!

Who's donating

Sarah Sieloff
Travis Mountain
Peter Grilli
Travis Mountain
Sarah Sieloff
Raymond G. Wilson
Jacqueline Matthews
Janet Abraham
Michael and Jill Tucker
Nicholas Zinos
Caroline Rivard
Walter Douglas Moorhead
Yuki Miyamoto
Kent Arrow Homma
滋子 稲垣
Virginia Corzine
Yumiko Sasaki
Kelly Denton Borhaug
Juan Torres
Eric & Kim Morton
Kathy Matsui
walter enloe
Donald Lathrop
Raymond G. Wilson
William Popeo
Kathlyn Rowen
Bethany Smith
Andrea Popeo
Nancy Heydinger
Who's donating: from Wenatchee, WA donated. Thank you!

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