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18893457_1519963371408405_2819983399125085110_n_12.01.07_PM_2.jpgI'm writing to ask that consider supporting Peace Culture Village (PCV), a non profit organization, PEAC Institute campus, international eco-village, organic farm, and peace training camp that my coworkers and I started this year. Our goal is to become a village of people from all over the world intentionally exploring the philosophy, attitudes, methods and technologies of sustainable peace. Everyone who lives with us brings new problems and solutions. Our task is "pulling the 'peaces' together." For more specific information about what we do, please visit our website

Since we received NPO status in March, we have been steadily growing. This year we:

  • implemented three Peace Camps on topics like eco-friendly housing renovation and connecting the lessons of Hiroshima to our everyday lives
  • held two peace culture workshops on making rocket stoves and and dyeing recycled fabrics using tea leaves
  • planned and facilitated two YMCA youth peace camps for over 30 students from Japan and Germany
  • hosted over 300 visitors for internships, experiential training, campus tours, and more
  • taught English to over 70 students from ages 7 to 70 
  • planted and harvested 200 kilograms of organic rice and over 30 different kinds of organic fruits and vegetables
  • raised 20 chickens who are now providing eggs for the community
Next year, we hope to hire more language teachers, build a community bath house, install solar panels, expand the farm, and22279640_1661243300613744_3472746866190878340_n.jpg create a Hiroshima downtown campus. But in order to continue growing and make these goals a reality, we need your help. In that vein, I have two asks:

1) Please consider becoming a PCV member! There is basic information about our four types of annual memberships below. You can find out more about the details and benefits of each membership by visiting the Donate page of our website or by viewing our PCV Membership Form
  • Individual supporting member  — $70
  • Group supporting member — $170
  • Individual voting member  — $120
  • Group voting member — $220
That being said, we also accept donations of all amounts! You can become a member or donate by visiting the Donate page of our website. Your payment will be fully tax deductible. I know that you are no doubt awash in fundraising emails at this time of year, but any donation would really make a huge difference. We sincerely appreciate your generosity!

25398936_1755548481183225_5523527352142389351_n.jpg2) PCV is looking to fill a new job position. We are searching for a native English speaker interested in helping to develop a peace culture training camp. The job will involve some combination of farming, carpentry, routine chores, participating in workshops, teaching English, public relations, and social media. The specifics will be determined by the applicants talents, desires, and needs matched with those of the PCV community.

I would greatly appreciate if you could forward this information to those whom you think may be interested. You can refer them to our website for more information about PCV. If they are interested, please instruct them to contact Steve Leeper at: [email protected] or +81-080-4267-3566.

I thought you may be interested in receiving updates about Peace Culture Village, so I've entered your name into my email database. If you would like to unsubscribe to this mailing list at any time, please click the unsubscribe link below.

Endless thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

ZdXS87km_400x400.pngMary Popeo
Director of English Programs & PR, Peace Culture Village 

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