Winter Wonderland

Winter is upon us at Peace Culture Village. We put on our snow tires just in time for the snow and sleet. Although winter is my least favorite season (fewer people around, less work to do outside, etc), the scenery so beautiful in Konu at this time of year. I can't help but be captured by it. 

24879841_1742108369193903_2053933717670239181_o.jpg  image1.jpeg  25073052_1742108422527231_6063428867610399273_o.jpg

Since it's been so cold lately, we do as much work as we can inside, such as chopping wood and threshing our soybean harvest. It takes quite a long time to dry the soybeans, shell the pods, and separate the good beans from the bad. Like weeding, I find it almost meditative! 

Happy holiday season from Konu!

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